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Seize this opportunity to improve clinical trials and expose your insights to senior industry leaders.

You have specialized knowledge that the pharmaceutical industry needs. Turn your hard-earned insights into training content. If selected, your course will be transformed into best-in-class training and made available for distribution worldwide—earning you widespread recognition from influential leaders as well as financial rewards.

How It Works
Our Mission

Voices in Life Sciences™ is dedicated to advancing clinical knowledge and to discovering new ways to improve training in the pharmaceutical industry.


Who should enter this competition?

Professionals with deep expertise across clinical trials, with a brilliant idea for a unique topic, and the ability to communicate it clearly. You should hope to be recognized as an expert industry-wide. You don’t have to be an expert in adult learning, an animation whiz, or a PowerPoint guru. (That’s our role. As award-winning producers, we bring outstanding content to life.) You do, however, need to have well-crafted, in-depth content that tells a story. We can’t emphasize that enough.

What topics are you looking for?

We are seeking a broad range of subjects, but the courses themselves should be specific, functionally or geographically. We are seeking unique topics—those that are difficult or impossible to find through existing commercial channels. If you have specialized knowledge (how to recruit patients in Japan, how to decrease the rate of diabetes in rural Kansas, etc.), we are interested in reviewing it.

What is the payoff?

If your course is selected, you will be exposed to industry leaders, and your name will appear as the author on the final training course, which will be made available for distribution worldwide. And, winners will receive a lump sum of $xxx and 20% of gross profits from the sale of their course.

Who is judging the entries?

A panel of industry leaders will review each submission. Reviewers will vary for each round of submissions, and will be posted on this site.

What if I don’t know how to design a clinical training course?

That’s OK. Put your best into creating clear, fully formed topics. Check out our Resources.

What are the elements of an outstanding training submission?

Best-in-class trainings include real-world examples and are substantive without being overwhelming. Every course should have a 250-word summary of the project and its target audience, a title of up to 75 characters, and a script to accompany the slides—what you would say if you were presenting your slides to an audience. Clarity of information is top priority, so don’t be overly concerned with graphical quality unless you also happen to be a graphic designer. For all the details you must include in a submission, see our Resources section.

If my course is selected, what role will I have in the training production?

Submitters will need to provide at least 16 hours of availability. Winners may be asked to present their course for a video recording. In addition, winners will approve the accuracy of the final product as well as the final script. Voices in Life Sciences™ will maintain full control of visuals and the overall look and feel of the course.

Who owns the rights to the content I submit?

If your course is selected for production and you agree, Voices in Life Sciences™ will have an exclusive license on the content for five years.

How many times may I submit courses?

As many times as you wish. However, submitting the same training repeatedly won’t increase your chances of winning.

What will the end result look like?

Voices in Life Sciences™ will produce a course that may include the submitter at a podium presenting the content, an actor portraying the submitter at a podium, 3D production, and content on slides. The learning experts at VLS will determine how a course is produced.

I’m interested in becoming a reviewer. What should I do?

Register with VLS and check the box that says “I’m interested in being considered as a reviewer.” And make sure to fill out your profile completely.

How many winners are you selecting in each round? Each year?

We plan to award one winner from each round, but we reserve the right to select more than one if we receive multiple outstanding entries. The number of winners per year will vary. Check this site for submission and announcement dates.